• Fresher Breath

    Doggy Dentist's Toothbrush dramatically improves overall Dental Hygiene for your Dog, leaving your Dog's breath fresher thank ever.

  • Improved Gut Health

    Oral Hygiene has a direct effect on your Dog's Gut Health, Doggy Dentist's Toothbrush Toy positively impacts your Dog's overall gastrointestinal wellbeing by keeping their Oral Hygiene healthy.

  • No More Dental Sticks

    Most Dogs consume 12KG of Dental Sticks yearly with this being a massive cost to the owner, our Toothbrush Toy removes the need for you to keep purchasing Dental Sticks for your Dog, saving you money while keeping your Pooch happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use DoggyDentist's Toothbrush Toy for optimal Dental Care?

We recommend using DoggyDentist's Toothbrush Toy at least Once or Twice a day for optimal Dental Care.

Is DoggyDentist's Toothbrush Toy suitable for all Dog Breeds and sizes?

Yes, DoggyDentist's Toothbrush Toy is designed to match Dogs of all Breeds and sizes, the Toy contains different sized Molars along the side to match varied Tooth sizes.

Why is DoggyDentist's Toothbrush Toy expensive?

DoggyDentist's Toothbrush Toy is made from Natural Rubber, and extremely durable Nylon. That's why we believe a one off purchase will be provide better value than continually buying lots of low quality Toothbrushes over time.

How long is delivery?

The time from our International Shipping Centre to the destination.

United Kingdom: 5 - 10 days

United States and Canada: 7 - 12 days

All other Countries: 12 - 15 days